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I have been in the spa and cosmetic industry for over 25 years. I LOVE it and decided that I wanted to share my love for it. When I gave birth to my daughter I started with a makeup company so I could work from home and so my journey began. I have drawers of all different brands of makeup lol I don't discriminate (unless it doesn't work).


How I got into Magnetic Lashes was I had an allergic reaction to Lash glue. I install Lash Extensions and felt like how could I promote that business and not have Eyelashes on Fleek and so Vibe Magnetic Lashes was born. My Vision is to come up with solutions for my customers, unique shades of lipstick - magnetic lashes and soon other products in the works that I'm excited to launch.

I believe your journey is only as exciting as you make it. One thing about makeup and the spa industry is that it's not going anywhere and now that the men are grooming themselves in all their bearded glory - the sky is the limit.

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